5. Paperwork

After a lovely holiday in our gorgeous, albeit decrepit campervan, Brian, we returned to a welcome email from the agency detailing dates of ‘Preparation courses’. We needed to book before completing our official ROI ('Registration of interest’) Frustratingly the October dates fell during half term, a busy time at work, but we can make the … Continue reading 5. Paperwork

4. Plain sailing

True to her work, the S/W sent over a write up of our interview the very next day. This was in depth and very complimentary about our relationship, which was nice. We were given the opportunity to make any adjustments or challenge inaccuracies, before she submitted. This document was then sent to senior management, to … Continue reading 4. Plain sailing

3. Rinse and repeat

Despite my misgivings, the counselling sessions gave me to opportunity to recognise that I had come to terms with my losses. This, in turn, gave me the confidence to believe that we could (can) withstand this process. Cara’s feedback was that she needed to be more open - again, something which doesn’t come naturally to … Continue reading 3. Rinse and repeat