15. Stationary traffic

January should have seen all of our home study meetings take place. We dutifully completed our 'homework' and submitted prior to our first scheduled meeting with N. This essentially comprised of information supplied on multiple occasions previously, interspersed with little gems such as: 'describe your childhood in three words' and 'your saddest memory of school' … Continue reading 15. Stationary traffic

10. Preparation round 2 and the Bates Motel

Monday was curry night and Tuesday saw us heading to London for two consecutive days of prep course. Off we trundled at the crack of dawn with our suitcase and (on my part, I can't speak for Cara) a general sense of meh. I'd fallen into a training funk: dreading hackneyed team building activities and … Continue reading 10. Preparation round 2 and the Bates Motel

9. Curry with gay strangers

When we signed up with our agency they signposted us to an organisation called New Family Social, which promotes 'Strong and happy LGBT adoptive and foster families throughout the UK' Following the change in legislation in 2006, which allowed unmarried couples, including same-sex couples, to adopt jointly in England and Wales, NFS was formed in … Continue reading 9. Curry with gay strangers

8. Preparation for preparation and Preparation

WSM and I had a lovely evening with easy conversation and Lebanese food: nice dippy, sharey things lent to the atmosphere of openness. It was a lovely evening, leaving me feeling a) full of chickpeas and b) happy and optimistic about the future. Last week saw the first of our 'Preparation Courses' in London. Prior … Continue reading 8. Preparation for preparation and Preparation

4. Plain sailing

True to her work, the S/W sent over a write up of our interview the very next day. This was in depth and very complimentary about our relationship, which was nice. We were given the opportunity to make any adjustments or challenge inaccuracies, before she submitted. This document was then sent to senior management, to … Continue reading 4. Plain sailing